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A Cybersecurity Transformation: EaseGuard, AllTek Services, and Lakeland VW Navigate FTC Regulations

Washington, DC – June 8, 2023 – Prominent Governance Compliance and Risk Management advisor, EaseGuard, and recognized IT Services and Cybersecurity provider, AllTek Services, proudly announce the completion of a groundbreaking cybersecurity upgrade for Lakeland VW. This successful collaboration provides a blueprint for how companies can meet FTC regulations and bolster their cybersecurity defenses.

Lakeland VW, part of an auto group in Florida, served as the perfect case study to highlight the application of EaseGuard and AllTek’s combined strengths. This combination of expertise in governance, compliance, risk management, IT services, and cybersecurity ensured a comprehensive enhancement of the dealership’s cybersecurity framework.

Hugo Cabello, President of EaseGuard, shares, “Our partnership with AllTek Services on the Lakeland VW project marks a significant milestone. Combining our forces, we’ve facilitated a substantial cybersecurity improvement, paving the way for businesses to more effectively protect their operations and data.”

Echoing this sentiment, AllTek’s Vice President, Taher Hamid, states, “Our strategic collaboration with EaseGuard on the Lakeland VW project reaffirms our commitment to delivering top-notch, tailored solutions to businesses. Together, we’re making great strides towards securing a safer digital future.”

The project exemplified the strength of this strategic alliance, combining advanced IT and cybersecurity services with robust governance, compliance, and risk management solutions. This integrated approach will equip businesses with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of the digital world and protect themselves against evolving threats.

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EaseGuard is a prominent advisor in Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management, committed to guiding businesses of all sizes through the intricate maze of today’s business regulations and risks. With a forward-thinking approach, EaseGuard supplies comprehensive, tailored solutions to meet the complex demands of today’s business landscape.

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AllTek is a leading IT Services and Cybersecurity provider, dedicated to fostering a safer digital environment for businesses. Through the provision of state-of-the-art technologies and services, AllTek empowers businesses to enhance their operations and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

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